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Welcome to House Stark!

House Stark is a new guild in World of Warcraft that emphasizes Respect and Honor among guildmates as well as other players.  Currently, recruiting is OPEN without restriction to character level, class or experience level.

If you are interested in joining House Stark, let us know.


House Stark is so named in honor of George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series.

It is easy to be mean, angry and petty.  It is a simple thing to attack a person verbally when they anger you or treat you badly.  It takes almost no intelligence, tact or thought to pick up a stick and hit someone with it. 

This is what seperates House Stark from everyone else.  Our members take an oath to always try their hardest to remain civil and respectful.  If we can change ourselves, and perhaps even change the way other guilds relate to each other, then our online gaming experiences will all improve as a realm.

Join our family by contacting one of our members, or simply group with us in World of Warcraft and experience the fun and friendly atmosphere.  We look forward to gaming with you.

Respect and Honor!

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